Week 17 MVP Players
Collins, Kerry FA QB28
Johnson, Larry KCC RB44
Moss, Randy OAK WR26
Troupe, Ben TEN TE17
Mare, Olindo MIA PK20
Broncos, Denver DEN Def23
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Total Votes:18
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League Newsletter
Week 17
Thanks for playing in the 2005 Orangemane-Neck Pony Nation Fantasy Football League! See you next August for the 2006 Season!

Oranemane/Neck Pony Nation
Superbowl IV Champion

Pez's Mean Machine (12-7)

Superbowl IV Runner-Up

Crunch N' Munch (15-4)

3rd Place
Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers (12-7)

4th Place

Sin City Rep Whores (14-5)

Congrats to everyone for a successful 2005 campaign!
Yearly Awards

Congrats to the 2005 Postseason winners

Orangemane - Neck Pony Nation Superbowl IV Champion - Pez's Mean Machine - $250.00 Custom Broncos Jersey
- Crunch 'N Munch
- $150.00 Gift Certificate
3rd Place -
Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers - $50.00 Gift Certificate
4th Place -
Old Dude's Sin City Rep Whores - $10.00 Gift Certificate

Congrats to the Season High Points winners

Orangemane Conference - (1459 total pts) 112 ppg ave- Sin City Rep Whores- $5.00 Gift Certificate
Neck Pony Nation Conference - (1397 total points) 107.5 ppg ave Crunch 'N Munch- $5.00 Gift Certificate

Congrats to the Season Best Record winners

Orangemane Conference - (13-3) Sin City Rep Whores- $5.00 Gift Certificate
Neck Pony Nation Conference (13-3) - Crunch 'N Munch- $5.00 Gift Certificate

Congrats to the Division Winners

Elway Division (OM) - Pez's Mean Machine - $5.00 Gift Certificate
Randy Gradishar Division (OM)
- Sin City Rep Whores- $5.00 Gift Certificate
Terrell Davis Division (OM) - REB's Rebellion - $5.00 Gift Certificate
Steve Atwater Division (NPN) - Crunch 'N' Munch - $5.00 Gift Certificate
Karl Mecklenburg Division (NPN) - Beezlebub's Wildcats
- $5.00 Gift Certificate
Shannon Sharpe Division (NPN) - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers
- $5.00 Gift Certificate

Here is the full list of bonus winners for each week and the overall total

Week 1 - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche
Philly Forsbergs

Week 2 - Pez's Mean Machine
Beezlebub's Wildcats

Week 3 - Taco Stand Riot
Delaware Destroyers

Week 4 - Sin City Rep Whores
Bastard Sons Of Jabba the Hutt

Week 5 - B-Man's Flava Clowns
Taco Stand Riot

Week 6 - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche
REB's Rebellion

Week 7 - Sin City Rep Whores
Mile High Shack Attack

Week 8 - Philly's Forsbergs
Crunch 'n' Munch

Week 9 - Delaware Destroyers
Sassy's Studs

Week 10 - Sin City Rep Whores
Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers

Week 11 - Sin City Rep Whores
Beezlebub's Wildcats

Week 12 - Sin City Rep Whores
Taco Stand Riot

Week 13 - Sin City Rep Whores
Crunch 'n' Munch

Sin City Rep Whores - (6 weekly bonus) $30 + $5 (Yearly High Points), $5 (Best Record), $5 (Division Champs), $10 (Fourth Place)
Taco Stand Riot - (3 weekly bonus) $15
Crunch 'n' Munch - (2 weekly) $10 + $5 (Yearly High Points), $5 (Best Record), $5 (Division Champs), $150 (Second Place)
Philly Forsbergs - (2 weekly bonus) $10
Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche - (2 weekly bonus) $10
Beezlebub's Wildcats - (2 weekly bonus) $10 + $5 (Division Champs)
Delaware Destroyers - (2 weekly bonus) $10
Pez's Mean Machine - (1 weekly bonus) $5 + $5 (Division Champs) $250 (First Place Champions)
Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers - (1 weekly bonus) $5 + $5 (Division Champs), $50 (Third Place)
REB's Rebellion - (1 weekly bonus) $5 + $5 (Division Champs)
Mile High Shack Attack - (1 weekly bonus) $5
Bastard Sons Of Jabba the Hutt - (1 weekly bonus) $5
Sassy's Studs - (1 weekly bonus) $5
B-Man's Flava Clowns - (1 weekly bonus) $5

League Article
what a week
OrangeMane Fantasy Football Article - what a week

Shack’s Ramblings…..ok here we go


Don’t you just love Dave Logan on 850 KOA his calling of the game, granted some of you don’t hear him, I can only pick him up at night after the sun goes down…yeah, all the way in OKC I can pick up 850 KOA sometimes, it’s great.  You know when Logan goes ok, here we go 40, 45, 50, 40…etc etc it’s gonna be good, it’s the “ok, here we go” that is awesome, I remember this CD I have of Denver’s 1998 season, a lot of his calls were on that CD and his saying, hand off to TD on the left hand side, OK, here we go….well it just brings chills to my spine 


And you know what else brings chills to me?  Playoff fantasy football, but my chills are like the flu/cold kind of chills b/c my team is so close to making the playoffs or missing them depending on this week, this could be said for a lot of teams out there, win and your in or lose and your out.  Some teams have to score a lot of points to assure their playoff spot, other teams it doesn’t matter……so OK, here we go, playoff fantasy football, can you dig it?


I’d like to thank some teams that suck but still haven’t tanked the season, you all really deserve a big slap on the back…….I mean if I was sideburn, how interested could you be in ensuring you have the right players playing every week when your team just sucks so bad, there is a vortex of suckiness surrounding those who dare enter his vector, kinda like a black hole, except worse….all those around who come in contact with the sucky teams can’t escape some of their suckitude rubbing off on them.  I mean, I lost to sideburn and my team hasn’t been the same since, I just now struggled to get back of the .500 mark and since I play the best team in the league, I’ll go back down to .500 and probably miss the playoffs.  So just be aware of the vortex of suckitude, it surrounds all those who dare try and defeat it, it’s kinda like tar from the Labrea Tar Pits, sure you can hover over it just fine, but take one dip into it and you struggle to get out and the more stuck you get, so just be wary all those who face sucky teams this week, the vortex will get you…..oh yes indeed it will get you. 


Let’s take a look at the playoff possibilities we have here


OM League

#1 Sin City Mob

#2 REB

#3 Pez

#4 Bman

#5 Delaware

#6 Philly


Still alive are Killer Goats and Suto.  Goats have a huge game against Pez, they win and they are in, that simple, but that could be hard to do since Pez is the hottest team sans the Mob in this league. 


Suto has an easier time in playing the bad news bears, but even then he has to score some points to ensure he can get in, just in case Philly and Delaware both win.  Philly does play the evil head brigade, so he might have an easy time to win too, just be wary of the vortex of suckitude.  Delaware plays REB,  Delaware needs to outscore REB by 58 points to get the #3 seed in the playoffs, but any slip up by Delaware followed by a Suto win or a Goat win and Delware is on the outside looking in.


Pez is probably in even if he loses based on his point total, depending on how other teams shake out, of course if his team tanks and Goats win and Suto win, Pezy could be on the outside looking in, tight, tight, tight I tell you.


Bman is almost assured the #4 seed, #1 seed is obviously going to be the Mob, if REB wins he is the #2 seed regardless……he loses and Pez overtakes him in points, Pez is #2 seed


It’s all confusing right now with the possibilities………..basically if teams take care of business, it should stay the way it is now….ugh, I think I have a headache after that


NPN League scenario

#1 Crunchers

#2 Richy

#3 Mock

#4 MT

#5 Shack

#6 Bastards

Still alive is Sassy, TJ and NU Red.  Sassy, I’m sorry girl, but you  have the lowest point total of the 7-8 teams, you’d have to outscore teams by 100 to get in, the longest shot to get in is Sassy.  TJ can get in with a win against Mock and a rascal or shack loss (and scoring more than Shack for the year) NU Red has it tough as well, he gets in with a win and a loss by rascal or shack and scoring more than TJ (if he wins)…….NU Red has it tough as well since he has the 2nd lowest point total of the people left alive.


Crunchers is the #1 seed, nothing can change that.  Richy is probably the #2 seed, but could be the #3 seed if he loses and Mock wins.  MT could be the #5 seed if she loses and I win…but either way she is playing the 4/5 game.  Rascal could move to the #5 seed with a win and a loss by me.  NPN is a little less confusing b/c of the difference in point totals.  Basically TJ has the toughest road since has to win and hope that 2 other people lose and outscore me as well.

Anyway, on to the games


OM League 


Garcia (6-9) vs. Pezzy (8-7) 

Oh ye Garcia, how we hardly knew ye……and with a loss to Pez 111-100, Garcia is officiall eliminated from playoff contention.  One name makes this game….Algae Crumpler, Garcia plays Algae and he wins, hands down, easy, move on, game over, still alive for playoffs, but instead he goes with Heath Miller and Miller time does nada, nothing, bupkiss, zero, zilch…what I’m saying is D’OH, I didn’t start Crumpler….CRASH out goes the computer to the ground.  This was reminiscent of the 2002 draft when Broncos selected Coconut hands and Garica tossed his laptop.  MVP of this game goes to Larry Johnson with 26.  Can anyone stop Diaper boy from getting less than 25 points?  Pezzy hopes not as he continues to grind towards the playoffs.


Killer Goat Ropers (8-7) vs. Dr. Teeth (5-10) 

The goats have turned 78 Boston Redsoxish with his continued losing streak and the potential to not even make the playoffs now…d’oh!!!  He loses another one as the goats team fails to show up again 104-79.  Losing Corey Dillon and having Ashley Lelie as your starting WR have killed this team lately and now face the possibility of missing out on the playoffs after leading his division all year long, as Dick Enburg would say…oooooo my.  MVP of this game goes to Shockey…even though the refs can Shockey a TD that was not a TD, he still had 26 points and tore it up for the Teeth of Dorothy.  How Tom Brady did not have a good game against a sorry KC Chiefs pass defense is beyond me, but down go the goats, down go the goats.  Hopefully he doesn’t turn to the darkside and sell his own goat skull to the Satanists in retaliation to his team tanking it down the stretch.


Sin City Mob (12-3) vs. Evil Giversofhead (3-12) 

Let’s pause a minute and reflect on total evil…….sideburn is total evil, evil incarnate, and the dragon was slayed this year folks.  After selling his soul to the devil for his jersey last year, the devil took his due and gave Evil the worst team in the league for paybacks.  But sideburn does have scoreboard on most people, he does in fact have one ring while most of us don’t.  Mob easily wins this one 115-67 with the MVP going to Rudi Johnson with 26 points.  Sin City has a formidable lineup and will have the #1 seed throughout the playoffs and will be tough to beat, especially when you have the officials bought and paid for.  You can’t fight a mob boss without Sean Connery telling you how to do it so here goes, if he hits you with a stick, you get brass knuckles, he gets brass knuckles you get a billy club, he gets a billy club you get a knife, he gets a knife you get a gun, he gets a gun, you get a bigger gun. 


Philly (8-7) vs. Bman (11-4) 

soft ( )(sôft, s ft)

adj. soft·er, soft·est  Easily molded, cut, or worked.  Yielding readily to pressure or weight.  Out of condition; flabby.  Smooth or fine to the touch: a soft fabric.  Otherwise known as Bman’s team.  Break out the brooms folks, Philly made sure and beat up on the softest winningest team in the league AKA Bman.  Bman reminds me of the Colts in 1999, sure they have a winning record, but you punch them in the mouth and they pee in their panties and melt like soft butter, well that is what Philly did, he punched Bman in the mouth, kissed his wife and said…you like that???? In a 95-78 win.  MVP of this game goes to Joe Jurevicious with 28 points.  Philly was in a must win situation to keep his playoff hopes alive and sure enough Bman bent over like Darryl Hannah in clan of the cave bear and let Philly have his way with him.  Philly still needs to win one more week for him to keep his claim of Orangemane Fantasy god alive though…….Bman is the #4 seed regardless of what happens this week. 


REB (9-6) vs. our lovable losers (aka draft picks) (3-12) 

Apparently this disease of scoring below 50 must run in the family, one week after Delaware goes into the toilet bowl, REB joins her and gets thrashed by the worst team in the OM 104-43.  This was an ass kicking of epic proportions, this was a baleeee dat of 2005.  MVP of this game goes to Todd Heap with 23 points.  With everything to play for REB rolled over and showed his pink belly and commenced to peeing all over himself.  LT2 by himself almost outscored REB.  REB can redeem himself with a victory over Delaware this week.  It’s almost embarrassing that a division leader will give it up like a 15 year old crack whore, but hey, whatever floats your boat.  Props again to the draft pick squad, it’s always admirable not to give up even though the season has been over for awhile for him. 


Suto (8-7) vs. Delaware (8-7) 

A team that is rising from the dead like a zombie in Dawn of the Dead, Suto will just not go away, as evidenced earlier, he still has a shot for the playoffs and could knock off Delware with this win depending on what happens next week.  Suto wins in a barn burner 112-110.  MVP of this game goes to Shaun Alexander with 20 points.  There are some could’ve and should’ve for both teams, but suffice it to say, Suto had more points on his bench so anything Delaware could think of, Suto had a response for it.  Both teams have fought their hearts out this season and it comes down to the last game of the week for both teams.  Bring out yer dead, Bring out yer dead……….I’M NOT DEAD YET, I FEEL LIKE GOING FOR A WALK…….


NPN League

Crunch on my Munch (12-3) vs. Sassy (7-8) 

What can you say other than Crunch is on a roll and you can call him butta, b/c he just seems to slide right on through everyone……he is like poop through a goose, let’s see what other metaphors can I come up with that would state just how dominate Crunch has been?  I can’t even remember who he lost to last time and this week was no exception as Sassy went back to reality in a 124-98 loss to the best team in the league.  MVP of this game goes to Carson Palmer with 28 points.  I suggest Crunch rest all of his players next week, you don’t want to over work them do you?  I mean c’mon, tank one for Shack, please?  I’ll be forever in your debt, well, at least long enough to have Rascal give you a reach around.  Sassy put up a valiant effort with LT2 going off for her, but it just wasn’t enough as her playoffs hope just got a little bleaker.

MT (9-6) vs. Shack (8-7) 

Yeah sure I won 107-73, but when it comes to tie breakers, apparently I want to make it as close as possible, by sitting all of my big point players…hey I know, let’s start a backup QB instead of Aron Brooks or Kurt Warner, yeah, that sounds like a swell plan…hey I know, let’s start a WR who is so inconsistent you could call him SOB of 2002 instead of a running back.  Oh well, I still won, but it was a hollow victory as I could’ve scored over 140 points, but naaaaa, I like to make things hard.  MVP goes to LaMont Jordan with 25 points.  MT is sliding downhill faster than over-development in a California mudslide, but at least she is in the playoffs, but da Priest could be her downfall, or at least the lack of having da Priest.  Anything could happen though and as long as you make the playoffs, you have a chance. 


Mock (9-6) vs. Slobber (5-10) 

Mock apparently likes to make things interesting, he figures as long as rascal keeps losing, why bother in winning?  I mean, winning is over-rated as long as you can coast to the finish line.  Mock loses 92-52.  He goes from scoring a league high to a league low in 2 weeks time, of course those big huge outpouring of points, that usually happens.  So be ware to those who score over 140, you will indeed have a bad game the next week, the fantasy gods demand it.  Slobber can only think..aaaaa, what could have been, if only Jamal Lewis had tore it up like he just did…if only, iiifff only….papa can you hear mmeeeeee.  Apparently Slobber is Jewish and listens to Yentil as well.  Oh well, good win for slobber for pride, bad loss for Mock, but when you can lose and still win the division, it’s all good.


Bastardsonsofad’oh!! (7-8) vs. Taco (7-8) 

Ye fantasy gods demand retribution…and apparently they are taking it out on rascal’s big ass.  The famous last words of any fantasy owner are “well, I’m going to win the division, it’s just a matter of how high I finish”  Those words were uttered 3 weeks ago and I don’t believe Rascal has won a game since.  TJ has come back from the dead as well in this 130-104 victory.  Amazing how that happens when you actually play the players who are still playing and not hurt or on a bye eh?  MVP of this game goes to Algae Crumpler with 28 points.  Bastards still are in control of their own destiny, but nothing like backing into the playoffs to make you feel good about your team.  Remember, never get sucked into the vortex of suckitude by stating how good your team is when you are so close to .500, the fantasy gods have a cruel sense of irony or humor, depending on how you want to classify irony, either the real way or the Alanis Morriesette way. 


Ultra Sonic (6-9) vs. Evenrude fat asses (5-10) 

Ultra Sonic kept his very slim playoff hopes alive with a 110-79 victory over the hapless fat asses, who were obviously too stuffed from Turkey and pumpkin pie to put up much of a fight.  MVP of this game goes to Jeremy Shockey with 26 points.  I can’t even make a Nebraska joke this week, Callahan actually pulled his head out a little with a thrashing of the Buffaloes.  With Manning and Westbrook going off the same week, Ultra Sonic can only pause reflectively and think…aaaaaa what could have been. 


NU Red (7-8) vs. Richy Rich (9-6)

In the game of the week Richy Rich solidified his playoff spot with a division clinching 104-96 victory over the fighting Bill Callahans.  This game had everything you wanted, the victor scoring over 100 points, tight game, both players having players left on Monday night, what a nail biter.  MVP of this game goes to Todd Heap with 23 points.  The Bungles shutting it down by the 4th qtr gave Richy the game, since Todd will never score that many points again this year.  These teams were separated by a point, but NU’s kicker gets negative points by missing an easy kick and Reggie Wayne only gets 6 points, so if NU’s kicker would’ve made 2 FGs and an extra point, he would’ve won……d’oh well, thems the fantasy breaks, NU still has a small shot of making the dance, but he has to win this week.  Richy is fighting for his #2 seed….fantasy man I love this game.  But I still say you are all a bunch of f’n hillbillies 


Ok folks, remember to submit your lineups and hopefully see you in the playoffs 



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Franchise W-L-T Pct GB PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Strk
X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine 9-7-0.562 0.0 1784 104.9 1459 91.2 W4
Killer Goats Killer Goats 8-8-0.500 1.0 1371 80.6 1448 90.5 L4
Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint 6-10-0.375 3.0 1441 84.8 1518 94.9 W2
Garcia's Hokie Express Garcia's Hokie Express 6-10-0.375 3.0 1288 75.8 1558 97.4 L2
Franchise W-L-T Pct GB PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Strk
X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores 13-3-0.812 0.0 1862 109.5 1319 82.4 W5
X - B-Man's Flava Clowns X - B-Man's Flava Clowns 11-5-0.688 2.0 1695 99.7 1292 80.8 L2
x - Philly Forsbergs x - Philly Forsbergs 8-8-0.500 5.0 1451 85.4 1418 88.6 L1
Evil Head Brigade Evil Head Brigade 4-12-0.250 9.0 1251 73.6 1455 90.9 W1
Franchise W-L-T Pct GB PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Strk
X.Y - REB's Rebellion X.Y - REB's Rebellion 9-7-0.562 0.0 1548 91.1 1463 91.4 L3
X - Delaware Destroyers X - Delaware Destroyers 9-7-0.562 0.0 1529 89.9 1424 89.0 W1
Sutoazul's Wild Broncos Sutoazul's Wild Broncos 8-8-0.500 1.0 1459 85.8 1482 92.6 L1
Playin 4 Draft Picks Playin 4 Draft Picks 4-12-0.250 5.0 1271 74.8 1416 88.5 W2
Franchise W-L-T Pct GB PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Strk
X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch 13-3-0.812 0.0 1865 109.7 1359 84.9 W10
X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche 9-7-0.562 4.0 1567 92.2 1476 92.2 L3
Shack Attack Shack Attack 8-8-0.500 5.0 1505 88.5 1401 87.6 L1
Sassy's Studs Sassy's Studs 8-8-0.500 5.0 1348 79.3 1374 85.9 W1
Franchise W-L-T Pct GB PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Strk
X. Y. - Beezlebub's Wildcats X. Y. - Beezlebub's Wildcats 9-7-0.562 0.0 1461 85.9 1412 88.2 L2
x - Taco Stand Riot x - Taco Stand Riot 8-8-0.500 1.0 1643 96.6 1455 90.9 W3
X - Bastard Sons Of Jabba The Hutt X - Bastard Sons Of Jabba The Hutt 8-8-0.500 1.0 1547 91.0 1501 93.8 W1
The Slobberknockers The Slobberknockers 5-11-0.312 4.0 1131 66.5 1344 84.0 L1
Franchise W-L-T Pct GB PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Strk
X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers 10-6-0.625 0.0 1883 110.8 1510 94.4 W4
NU Red NU Red 8-8-0.500 2.0 1419 83.5 1400 87.5 W1
Ultra Sonik Gear Stix Ultra Sonik Gear Stix 6-10-0.375 4.0 1375 80.9 1425 89.1 L1
Evenrude's Fat Bastards Evenrude's Fat Bastards 5-11-0.312 5.0 1187 69.8 1381 86.3 L5

Weekly Summary
Franchise/Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 PF
X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers84 51 118 116 94 91 104 91 107 147 118 104 128 119 153 94 164 1883
X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch101 92 110 90 83 103 102 129 93 106 119 124 145 106 135 126 101 1865
X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores84 115 94 138 90 86 138 78 119 121 149 115 132 111 128 94 70 1862
X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine72 136 92 100 76 95 98 62 83 108 148 111 118 107 114 144 120 1784
X - B-Man's Flava Clowns101 62 111 119 153 106 88 74 90 119 82 78 106 87 109 89 121 1695
x - Taco Stand Riot63 94 133 59 127 110 57 69 58 135 83 130 106 102 118 137 62 1643
X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche128 105 87 68 76 114 103 114 56 89 57 73 69 128 83 107 110 1567
X.Y - REB's Rebellion112 90 104 109 113 109 97 116 95 89 96 43 71 68 90 58 88 1548
X - Bastard Sons Of Jabba The Hutt54 61 118 132 126 102 116 103 92 72 88 104 64 80 91 99 45 1547
X - Delaware Destroyers95 102 129 73 97 107 67 85 125 37 88 110 78 129 47 91 69 1529
Shack Attack85 88 83 123 78 88 116 71 98 117 59 107 84 146 111 33 18 1505
X. Y. - Beezlebub's Wildcats94 131 104 113 62 96 103 90 67 85 140 52 70 86 56 80 32 1461
Sutoazul's Wild Broncos86 66 115 89 75 94 73 79 99 96 102 112 58 83 65 104 63 1459
x - Philly Forsbergs121 82 73 114 72 74 105 142 70 74 73 95 58 74 76 72 76 1451
Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint92 80 119 89 133 62 63 66 76 92 112 104 70 86 65 78 54 1441
NU Red87 63 79 88 82 84 66 100 87 73 118 96 70 55 89 88 94 1419
Ultra Sonik Gear Stix105 66 114 120 60 86 53 69 82 69 106 110 88 51 54 66 76 1375
Killer Goats74 98 101 63 86 105 74 78 72 58 62 79 62 119 87 103 50 1371
Sassy's Studs63 51 102 76 93 103 55 91 110 41 115 98 95 69 71 76 39 1348
Garcia's Hokie Express99 102 99 88 70 82 99 95 46 68 96 100 44 57 49 48 46 1288
Playin 4 Draft Picks27 86 77 71 62 83 90 80 75 80 66 104 82 108 80 65 35 1271
Evil Head Brigade89 67 94 79 62 87 82 118 69 55 64 67 60 52 72 74 60 1251
Evenrude's Fat Bastards46 55 80 88 66 78 83 91 37 53 60 79 66 62 63 121 59 1187
The Slobberknockers65 84 43 50 108 46 84 76 56 48 76 92 28 71 41 89 74 1131

Power Rankings
Orange Mane All-Play Record
Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores1862216985.8%821149701353.03692861005.738
X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine1784218481.7%834148625445.79622551351.653
X - B-Man's Flava Clowns1695198185.6%699153621244.45622421463.623
X.Y - REB's Rebellion1548190681.2%807116434340.52542291593.590
X - Delaware Destroyers1529176686.6%571129371440.43502251633.579
Sutoazul's Wild Broncos1459184679.0%889115581439.60371961914.506
x - Philly Forsbergs1451177481.8%688142585235.66301722172.442
Killer Goats1371163284.0%665119501534.44281632253.421
Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint1441171484.1%593133542333.13271762078.460
Garcia's Hokie Express1288177572.6%828102444330.45171352524.350
Playin 4 Draft Picks1271152583.3%403108275124.9291302565.339
Evil Head Brigade1251153981.3%455118526123.5881202683.311
Neck Pony Nation All-Play Record
Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch1865209089.2%535145831352.8970302872.775
X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers1883212688.6%583164510246.896727710311.723
x - Taco Stand Riot1643191086.0%699137572242.53492321563.597
X. Y. - Beezlebub's Wildcats1461179681.3%735140323337.72421832017.477
X - Bastard Sons Of Jabba The Hutt1547182784.7%644132455237.55422161696.560
X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche1567173790.2%475128561437.50492171704.560
Shack Attack1505190479.0%817146184236.84422041861.523
NU Red1419168584.2%614118553335.67261682185.436
Ultra Sonik Gear Stix1375184874.4%943120515235.33201602265.416
Sassy's Studs1348153687.8%393115392331.88271562305.405
Evenrude's Fat Bastards1187163972.4%800121373224.417982885.257
The Slobberknockers1131141679.9%539108283524.2461002892.258
Head-To-Head Matchups
Week 17
X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch
X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine
X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers
X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores
Bye Weeks:
Garcia's Hokie Express
Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint
Sassy's Studs
Evil Head Brigade
Evenrude's Fat Bastards
Playin 4 Draft Picks
Ultra Sonik Gear Stix
X.Y - REB's Rebellion
X - Delaware Destroyers
Shack Attack
X - B-Man's Flava Clowns
Killer Goats
Sutoazul's Wild Broncos
The Slobberknockers
X. Y. - Beezlebub's Wildcats
x - Taco Stand Riot
X - Bastard Sons Of Jabba The Hutt
X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche
x - Philly Forsbergs
NU Red
Week 17 Fantasy Previews
Week 17 NFL Schedule
Sat Dec 31 4:30:00 p.m. ET 2005
Broncos Final
(Box Score)
Sat Dec 31 8:00:00 p.m. ET 2005
Giants Final
(Box Score)
Sun Jan 1 1:00:00 p.m. ET 2006
Panthers Final
(Box Score)
Ravens Final
(Box Score)
Cardinals Final
(Box Score)
Bengals Final
(Box Score)
Dolphins Final
(Box Score)
Bills Final
(Box Score)
Lions Final
(Box Score)
Saints Final
(Box Score)
Seahawks Final
(Box Score)
Sun Jan 1 4:05:00 p.m. ET 2006
Titans Final
(Box Score)
Texans Final
(Box Score)
Sun Jan 1 4:15:00 p.m. ET 2006
Bears Final
(Box Score)
Redskins Final
(Box Score)
Sun Jan 1 8:30:00 p.m. ET 2006
Rams Final
(Box Score)
Bye Weeks
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Full player research can be done above using the Report | Player menu. The Top Performers/Player Stats report allows an amazing amount of customization for your research.

Week 17 MVP Players
Collins, Kerry FA QB28
Johnson, Larry KCC RB44
Moss, Randy OAK WR26
Troupe, Ben TEN TE17
Mare, Olindo MIA PK20
Broncos, Denver DEN Def23
All Week 17 Top Performers
Week 17 MVP Starters
Collins, Kerry FA QB28
Johnson, Larry KCC RB44
Moss, Randy OAK WR26
Witten, Jason DAL TE14
Mare, Olindo MIA PK20
Broncos, Denver DEN Def23
All Week 17 Top Starters
Full player research can be done above using the Report | Player menu. The Top Performers/Player Stats report allows an amazing amount of customization for your research.

Top 10 QB
1.Palmer, Carson CIN QB265
2.Brady, Tom NEP QB247
3.Manning, Peyton IND QB244
4.Vick, Michael ATL QB224
5.Manning, Eli NYG QB223
6.Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB219
7.Green, Trent KCC QB212
8.Collins, Kerry FA QB210
9.Plummer, Jake DEN QB208
10.Brees, Drew NOS QB206
All Top Performer QB
Top 10 RB
1.Alexander, Shaun SEA RB384
2.Johnson, Larry KCC RB354
3.Barber, Tiki NYG RB341
4.Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB323
5.James, Edgerrin IND RB281
6.Portis, Clinton WAS RB261
7.Jordan, Lamont OAK RB234
8.Johnson, Rudi CIN RB225
9.Jones, Thomas CHI RB206
10.Anderson, Mike BAL RB200
All Top Performer RB
Wide Receivers
Top 10 WR
1.Smith, Steve CAR WR257
2.Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR219
3.Moss, Santana WAS WR207
4.Johnson, Chad CIN WR202
5.Boldin, Anquan ARI WR201
6.Holt, Torry STL WR198
7.Harrison, Marvin IND WR195
8.Chambers, Chris MIA WR192
9.Galloway, Joey TBB WR192
10.Burress, Plaxico NYG WR169
All Top Performer WR
Tight Ends
Top 10 TE
1.Gates, Antonio SDC TE209
2.Shockey, Jeremy NYG TE161
3.Heap, Todd BAL TE147
4.Crumpler, Alge ATL TE144
5.Cooley, Chris WAS TE134
6.Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE128
7.Witten, Jason DAL TE126
8.Smith, L.J. PHI TE101
9.McMichael, Randy MIA TE93
10.Miller, Heath PIT TE88
All Top Performer TE
Top 10 PK
1.Rackers, Neil ARI PK191
2.Feely, Jay NYG PK169
3.Graham, Shayne CIN PK147
4.Wilkins, Jeff STL PK146
5.Kasay, John CAR PK139
6.Tynes, Lawrence KCC PK138
7.Stover, Matt BAL PK136
8.Vanderjagt, Mike DAL PK136
9.Kaeding, Nate SDC PK131
10.Lindell, Rian BUF PK131
All Top Performer PK
Team Defense
Top 10 DEF
No Top Performers To Report
All Top Performer DEF
Full player research can be done above using the Report | Player menu. The Top Performers/Player Stats report allows an amazing amount of customization for your research.

Top 10 FA QB
1.Carr, David HOU QB142
2.Boller, Kyle BAL QB93
3.Garrard, David JAC QB93
4.McCown, Josh DET QB93
5.Bollinger, Brooks NYJ QB87
6.Culpepper, Daunte MIA QB78
7.Wright, Anthony BAL QB69
8.Griese, Brian FA QB58
9.Fitzpatrick, Ryan STL QB47
10.Schaub, Matt ATL QB46
All Top Performer FA QB
Running Backs
Top 10 FA RB
1.Holmes, Priest KCC RB107
2.McAllister, Deuce NOS RB62
3.Pass, Patrick NEP RB61
4.Pinner, Artose DET RB60
5.Faulk, Marshall STL RB55
6.Sellers, Mike WAS RB52
7.Johnson, Kyle DEN RB49
8.Haynes, Verron PIT RB45
9.Houston, Cedric NYJ RB43
10.Betts, Ladell WAS RB40
All Top Performer FA RB
Wide Receivers
Top 10 FA WR
1.Booker, Marty MIA WR88
2.Parker, Eric SDC WR88
3.McCareins, Justin NYJ WR79
4.Robinson, Marcus MIN WR79
5.Bradford, Corey DET WR73
6.Gabriel, Doug OAK WR73
7.Clayton, Mark BAL WR65
8.Proehl, Ricky CAR WR65
9.Hakim, Az-zahir NOS WR62
10.Parker, Samie KCC WR61
All Top Performer FA WR
Tight Ends
Top 10 FA TE
1.Heiden, Steve CLE TE61
2.Hilton, Zack NOS TE54
3.Jolley, Doug NYJ TE41
4.Martin, David GBP TE41
5.Scaife, Bo TEN TE39
6.Lee, Donald GBP TE37
7.Fletcher, Bryan IND TE34
8.Baker, Chris NYJ TE33
9.Clark, Desmond CHI TE32
10.Bergen, Adam ARI TE30
All Top Performer FA TE
Top 10 FA PK
1.Stover, Matt BAL PK136
2.Bryant, Matt TBB PK114
3.Edinger, Paul MIN PK113
4.Dawson, Phil CLE PK111
5.Bironas, Rob TEN PK109
6.Nugent, Mike NYJ PK99
7.Hanson, Jason DET PK93
8.Gould, Robbie CHI PK83
9.Akers, David PHI PK80
10.Hall, John WAS PK73
All Top Performer FA PK
Team Defense
Top 10 FA DEF
No Top Performers To Report
All Top Performer FA DEF
Playoff Bracket
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Orangemane Champs
#3: X.Y - REB's Rebellion (68)  
  x - Philly Forsbergs (76)  
#6: x - Philly Forsbergs (74)    
  X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores (94)  
#1: X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores (128)    
  X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine
#4: X - B-Man's Flava Clowns (87)   Orangemane Champs
  X - Delaware Destroyers (47)    
#5: X - Delaware Destroyers (129)      
  X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine (144)  
#2: X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine (114)   

Playoff Bracket
Neck Pony Nation
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Neck Pony Nation Champs
#6: x - Taco Stand Riot (102)  
  x - Taco Stand Riot (118)  
#3: X. Y. - Beezlebub's Wildcats (86)    
  X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch (126)  
#1: X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch (135)    
  X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch
#5: X - Bastard Sons Of Jabba The Hutt (80)   Neck Pony Nation Champs
  X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche (83)    
#4: X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche (128)      
  X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers (94)  
#2: X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers (153)   
5 Newest News Articles
Allen Hurns tweets he'll be okay13 minutes
David Johnson finds end zone against 49e...23 minutes
Marcus Burley exits with ankle injury25 minutes
Carson Palmer struggles in win over 49er...31 minutes
Jimmy Graham carted off in fourth quarte...35 minutes
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Live Scoring
Week 17
X.Y.Z.- Crunch'n'Munch0Details
X.Y - Pez's Mean Machine0
X.Y. - Rich Karlis Barefoot Kickers0Details
X.Y.Z - Sin City Rep Whores0
Garcia's Hokie Express0Details
Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint0Details
Sassy's Studs0Details
Evil Head Brigade0Details
Evenrude's Fat Bastards0Details
Playin 4 Draft Picks0Details
Ultra Sonik Gear Stix0Details
X.Y - REB's Rebellion0Details
X - Delaware Destroyers0Details
Shack Attack0Details
X - B-Man's Flava Clowns0Details
Killer Goats0Details
Sutoazul's Wild Broncos0Details
The Slobberknockers0Details
X. Y. - Beezlebub's Wildcats0Details
x - Taco Stand Riot0Details
X - Bastard Sons Of Jabba The Hutt0Details
X - Mt®'s Ass Kicking Avalanche0Details
x - Philly Forsbergs0Details
NU Red0Details
Top 10 Players
1.Alexander, Shaun SEA RB384
2.Johnson, Larry KCC RB354
3.Barber, Tiki NYG RB341
4.Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB323
5.James, Edgerrin IND RB281
6.Palmer, Carson CIN QB265
7.Portis, Clinton WAS RB261
8.Smith, Steve CAR WR257
9.Brady, Tom NEP QB247
10.Manning, Peyton IND QB244
All Top Performer Players
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